Re-Chroming Specialist are a small dedicated team based within Reeve metal finishing (birmingham) who are one of the largest, long established chrome plating companies in the UK. 
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Reeve was established in 1900 in aston Birmingham as a nickel plating company as chrome plating was not available commercially until 1924. Reeve were one of the first companies in the UK to offer chrome plating services to the massive manufacturing boom that was happening in Birmingham during this time. As you imagine since then we have chrome plated many millions of items over the years. We Have an unrivalled heritage and a skill base passed down over several generations 
Rechroming specialist is a small team of the most experienced polishers and chrome platers within the company. We combine the state of the art equipment and chemical control needed with large volume production with the dedication, skill and knowledge of these individuals to offer an outstanding chrome restoration service. 
We have been at the forefront of the metal finishing industry for 120 years. Reeve also has a large anodising, zinc plating zinc-nickel and tin plating departments making us not only one of the largest but most diverse plating companies in the UK. 
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